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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Beginner's Guide to Getting Strong


So you have been accepted and added onto the site and now you are looking for ways to gain a lot of power quickly. This guide will outline things that you can do after being accepted to increase your power level and begin to catch up to those already on the site.

Step 1: Buy Stuff
Each character starts with 1,000 zeni (aliens have more). This can be used to buy training equipment to enhance your training. You could also save it up to buy something better in a week or two but you should have plans for your zeni right away.

Step 2: Update Fundamentals
At this point, you should already be familiar with how to do updates so we won't go into it again in this guide. Instead, we'll tell you some things to help you get the most out of your update. You should always have a side job unless you are in specific situations where you cannot (for example in the next dimension or looking for Dragonballs). Side jobs are important because they will gain you zeni on a weekly basis which can be saved up and spent for better equipment later. They also provide a small stat boost each week. Make sure that you include taking on a job in your first update.

Building is just as important to do as a job as it will net you items free of cost over time. New members sometimes overlook the fact they can build items and miss out on valuable time that can be spent doing so. Initially, every member may build 1 item at a time. Based on your intelligence, you can build more items later on. You should be sure that you are constantly building something (unless in situations that you can't). Even if you have no need for items such as ships, you can always sell them later for extra zeni in your pocket.

The next thing you should be sure to do in your first update is to distribute. Every character starts with 4 SP and 2 DP. You can distribute DP among your stats and, if you are training with a master, you can spend your SP to learn a technique. It is usually a good idea to distribute DP to stats other than speed in the beginning as all stats but speed directly affect your power level.

While on the topic of training, you should make sure that you are getting the most out of your weekly training. You shouldn't just be self training if you could be training with a master because you're losing out on bonuses. If you don't plan on doing any spars, heavy training might be a good option if there isn't a master on your planet.

Step 3: Extra Activity
Updating is only one way of getting stronger. You can also do weekly spars or roleplay to get bonuses. While quests are a great way to gain rewards, I would advise doing a few personal rolepalys before attempting to take a quest so you can get a feel for writing as your character. It might also be a good idea to message some current members over AIM to see if they would like to roleplay in the same thread as you. Remember, you can only spar twice per week and you must report all roleplays to get bonuses.

Step 4: Complete Offers and/or Donate
There are usually offers you can complete which will earn you some extra bonuses. Sometimes, veteran members forget this and so you could gain valuable ground on them by doing something they haven't done. You can also make donations to the site to receive significant stat bonuses per dollar spent. To see offers that you can complete or make any donations, scroll down to the bottom of any page and click the "Support this Site" button. There will be a link on the next page.

Step 5: Check site for other bonuses
Be sure that you know all of the site information. There are various things on different pages of the site that may give you bonuses that you don't even know about. Some examples are the races page and the alignment page. Depending on your alignment, you could get bonuses to traits and all races have distinct advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.


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