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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Passives


Passives are specific character skills that you can gain by leveling up your character. Every 10 character levels, you have the chance to either learn a new passive from the list below or to level up a passive that you already have. You can have a maximum of 5 passives so it would take until reaching level 100 to max out your passives.

List of Passives
Leveled Effect
You are the greatest student a master could have, catching on and learning things much quicker than others. Gives you +2 SP and +5 all stats per week while training with a master. +4 SP and +10 all stats instead.
You are very loyal to your friends and family, and will stop at nothing to help them. Allows you to fight along side a friend that already has the maximum number of allies. Increases a stat +10% for your allies in battle, each fighter boosts their own choice of stat.
Your battle savvy offers you insight into the world of physical growth quicker than the normal half of civilization. Increases battle and spar rewards by +10%. +15% instead.
Your ability to be professional during all situations has granted you access into the higher tiers of financial success. Doubles stats gained from jobs, and increases zeni gained by +25%. +30% zeni instead and raises the limit of zeni you can hold before being sneak attacked from 6,000 to 10,000. If captain or co-captain of an alliance, raises vault sneak attack zeni from 12,000 to 15,000.
Your ability to mentor those around you is a powerful passive ability. Increases partner training gains by +18 all stats for you and those training with you as well. Cannot mentor yourself. Increases partner training gains by +23 all instead and allows you to teach green techniques that you know to someone training with you for their highest SP cost amongst masters. Must also have the teacher, sensei, or master job.
You love nothing more than a good adventure, and it seems from years of travel you can get to what you want faster than others. You gain 10% more rewards for completing quests, personal roleplays, and personal sagas. Needs to be mentioned in your RP report. Does not increase zeni or RPC. +15% instead.
Street Fighter
You have a natural talent to beat your enemy to a pulp with nothing more than street smarts and your fists. No one seems to know how you manage to beat a warrior bigger and stronger than you, but this just may be the key. +10% strength in battle. +15% instead.
Die Hard
You seem to be able to survive the most devastating attacks, attacks that no other man has survived. With this passive you can count on living strong. +10% vitality in battle. +15% instead.
You have a will to keep on fighting at your best no matter how tired you get. +10% stamina in battle. +15% instead.
Steeled Mind
Mental training has increased your pain threshold to a much higher level, making you more resistant to various forms of punishment. +10% toughness in battle. +15% instead.
You are much faster than the average person, and knowing that you learned how to move and jump and twist your body in graceful motions making you even faster than you were before. +12% speed in battle. +17% instead.
You don't have a problem pretending you're weaker than the enemy to give yourself an edge in the long run, with this passive you can wait things out and then go for the kill. Gives you +1 action per post after your third post in a battle. +1 action after two posts instead.
Hot Head
You're pissed and everyone knows it; you don't care who is in your path you're going to get the first shot and show them what you're made of. Allows you first post in a battle regardless of speed. You get +1 action in your first two posts that ignores the limit. Increases strength during these posts by +15%. +25% strength instead.
Pure Power
You have discovered the secret to unlocking the full potential of your transformations. Increases transformation benefits by +4% all stats. +5% instead.
Encyclopedic Knowledge
You possess a vast knowledge of techniques to utilize in combat. Increases advanced technique slots by +1. Increases power up technique slots by +1.
Your relentlessness projects an imposing figure that intimidates your opponents. Choose 2 of your opponent's stats to lower by your determination (capped at -20,000 power level or half - whichever comes first). Choose 4 stats instead (cap increased to -30,000 pl or half - whichever comes first).
Critical Striker
You can pinpoint exactly where to hit your opponent for the greatest effect. Increases damage from any successful critical hit (physical or energy) by +10%. Add +2 to all special physical attack die rolls for criticals (crit on 18, 19, or 20).
You can digest the written word like none other. Increased stat and trait gains from reading books, guides, magazines, scrolls, etc. by double. Allows you to read books, guides, magazine, scrolls, etc. twice as many times as the normal limit.


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