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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Dragonballs

Tracking a Dragonball: Any Dragonball takes 1 week to track. You must declare if you are searching for Dragonballs in your update. You cannot build items, read books, inscript, master train, or do a job while searching. Namekians will find 3 Dragonballs every 2 weeks of searching (does not stack with radar or scouters). Both sets of Dragonballs will grant 1 wish. After you track down a Dragonball you must write an easy quest (it can be about anything) in which you obtain the Dragonball (Yes you have to actually write a quest where the Dragonball is mentioned being obtained). You have one week from the time you find the ball to complete the roleplay. You will receive standard quest roleplay bonuses for this quest and it has a 1,800 word minimum. If you leave the planet and have any Dragonballs, they will be lost.

If you are carrying a Dragonball, you are subject to Sneak Attacks. For a list of people with Dragonballs, click here. After a wish is made, the Dragonballs go inert for 1 month. Blackstar Dragonballs go inert for 6 months.

Wishes that can be made once with each set of balls include:
  • +5,000 all stats (+20,000 ki, +40,000 pl)
  • +15% all stats.
  • +20% to one stat.
  • +500 all traits
  • 15% to all traits
  • 20% to one trait
  • +10 Character Levels
  • +10 Fighting Style Levels
  • Up to +10,000 zeni.
  • Immortality for 1 month.
  • Unlimited Stat Redistribution (including speed, cannot reduce any stat to less than 5% of your ki)
  • +1 Advanced Slot
  • +1 Power Up Slot
  • +1 Non-Finisher Custom Technique Slot
  • 1 Scenario/Quest Item (With Admin Approval)
  • You must ask an admin for any other wish you can think of. These would be custom wishes
Repeatable* wishes include:
  • Any item except rare, quest, contest, token, and donation items.
  • Any 1 person back from death (3 in the case of Namek).
  • A limit on custom wishes will be made (Pending 11/23/23)
*Repeatable if different item or dead person.

Earth Dragonballs
1 Wish

Namek Dragonballs
1 Wish (can be divided among three people)

Black Star Dragonballs
1 "Powerful" Wish (such as forcing someone to be Chaozu for 1 month)

1. Ippen
2. Yaidrat
3. Damaskia
4. Valhalla
5. Kanassa
6. Avalon
7. Kelioux

*Note: Each Black Star Dragonball requires a medium quest to obtain (3,700 word minimum). You must own a Black Star Radar to search for them.

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