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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Inscription

How to Inscribe
You must first purchase the necessary texts to learn how to inscribe. Then you must buy supplies. Scribing pens enable you to write the runes onto equipment and slots are where the runes are placed on the equipment. These things can be found on the items pages. You may only inscript equipment. Each piece of equipment may only have one level 1 rune and one level 2 rune inscribed into it. Weapons and gloves may also have a level 3 rune. Once inscribed you change the item name. You may also inscribe other people's equipment as long as you are in the same location as them. If you are going to charge for inscriptions you must due so via the auction house so it can be accounted for.

To inscribe a rune into an item it takes 1 week and holds up a building slot.

For example:

Weighted Gloves of Fire ( level 1 rune)


Weighted Gloves of Fire and Rage (level 1 rune, level 2 rune)


Scorching Weighted Gloves of Fire and Rage (level 1, 2, and 3 runes)

Inscription 1 Runes
Must know special ability Inscription 1

Fire - Increases training by +5 strength per week.
Wind - Increases training by + 5 speed.
Water - Increases training by +5 vitality.
Earth - Increases training by +5 toughness.
Spirit - Increases training by +5 stamina.
Knowledge - +50 int and +1 int per week.
Willpower - +50 det and +1 det per week.
Personality - +50 Cha and +1 cha per week.
Training- All training adds an extra +1 to stats.
Technique - +1 SP to master training per week [Limit to 1].

*note* If followed by a level 2 rune, an item would say Super Weighted Clothing of Willpower and Rage. The name of the level 2 rune comes second.

Inscription 2 Runes
Must know special ability Inscription 2

Please note you may only have three of these max on equipment and you may not STACK THEM. Rage, Grace, Health, Constitution, Endurance.

Rage - Allows you to make one attack in battle unblockable. (Cannot be a finisher or charged advanced)
Grace - Allows you to make two attacks in battle hard to dodge. (Cannot be a finisher or charged advanced)
Health - Increases total vitality by 1% in battle.
Constitution - Increases damage reduction by 5% in battle.
Endurance - Increases total Ki by 10% in battle.
Combat - +10 exp to battles and +5 exp to spars.
Energy - Ki attacks do 5% more damage
Might - Physical attacks do 5% more damage.
Restoration - Increases the effects of healing items and the ability Heal by +10% effectiveness.
Fortune - Increase zeni from side jobs by 50.
Grooved - Allows for the user to bring in two additional prepped weapon techs.

Inscription 3 Runes
Must know special ability Inscription 3

These runes may be inscribed on gloves/gauntlets and weapons. You may have two active on your QA's and SA's and every weapon you own can have 1 Level 3 Inscription. They have a 10% chance of hitting (roll 1d10 on the dice roller. A 10 is a critical).

Scorching - Reduces toughness by 20% for 6 performed actions made against you.
Freezing- Causes you to lose 1 action on your next post. Capped at 2 stacks.
Shadow - Deals +25% damage to Lawful Good upon any successful hit.
Holy - Deals +25% damage to Chaotic Evil upon any successful hit.
Debilitating - Decreases strength or vit by 20% whichever is higher for your next 6 performed actions.
Energy Stealing - Steals 2% ki.
Toxic - Increases ki drain by +25% for your opponent's next 6 performed actions (i.e. a move that would take 20% ki now takes 25%).


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