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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Organizations


Here is a list of in-game organizations that players may officially join in addition to being part of an alliance. Unless otherwise noted, you may only be a part of one organization. Which organization you are a part of should be listed under the affiliation section of your character profile, next to your alliance. You may leave an organization at any time to join a different one, but if you do, you can never return to the one you left.

All organizational perks are lost when a member leaves an organization.

Keep in mind that organization benefits may be expanded upon in the future.

Avalanian Paladins
How to join: Questline on Avalon
  • Exclusive quests rewards.
  • Access to the Paladin equipment set bonuses.
(Paladin Set Bonus) If you have Paladin Gauntlet, Greaves, and Helm equipped with Avalanian Armor, reduces the damage rating of incoming advanced techs made against you by 1, finishers made against you by 2, and increases toughness by an additional +3,000. Does not increase PL or Ki. Must own a Paladin's Signet to get set bonus.

Damaskian Shadowguard
How to join: The Killing Joke quest on Damaskia.
  • Exclusive quest rewards.
  • If Neutral/Evil: You have been inoculated against their chemical warfare. Gain immunity to the Heart Virus.

Star Wolves
How to join: Joining the Star Wolves quest on Cactaylisma
  • Exclusive quest rewards.
  • May be a member of the Star Wolves in addition to any other organization.
  • If Neutral/Evil: You'’re used to extorting everyone that you can get your hands on in order to maximize profit. You gain 10% zeni for quests in addition to other rewards (max +100 bonus per quest).
Order of Saljuk
How to join: Hidden Temple quest on Kanassa.
  • Exclusive quest rewards.
  • May be a member of the Order of Saljuk in addition to any other organization.
  • If Good/Neutral: You may "Meditation Master Train." While on Kanassa, you can meditate to train with a living master telepathically. You get meditation gains, +2 SP per week, and may learn green-colored techniques for the highest cost it is available among masters.

Planet Trade Organization
How to join: Pest Control quest on Frieza.
  • Exclusive quest rewards.
  • If Evil: Your officer is a cut above the rest. The officer may do 1 quest per week that does not count toward his master’s total. (He still receives -10% if doing it solo, however) and upon reaching level 20, the Officer may have ONE passive that cannot level.
  • Additional benefits based on rank
Saiyan Army
How to join: Basic Training quest on Vegeta. Full-blooded Saiyans and Saiyan Dominant Hybrids only.
  • Exclusive quest rewards.
  • Exclusive items.
  • Increased battle bonuses for Saiyan-named items.
  • If Good: As a member of the Saiyan Army, you hold clout over the rest of the Saiyan folk. If at least 1st Rank, when you get a Student, you may have him be of the Saiyan race with full Racial benefits.
  • If Evil: If at least 1st Rank, when you get an Officer/Underling, you may have him be of the Saiyan race with full Racial benefits.
Master's Guild
How to join: The Student Becomes The Master quest.
Benefits: Keliouxian Scholars
How to join: Quest on Kelioux
  • Increased benefits whilst on Kelioux and within the Academy (listed per rank)
  • Increased benefits within the Temple of the Lost (listed per rank)
  • Exclusive quest rewards.
Fallen Empire
How to join: Quest on Toffit
  • Unique Special Abilities
  • Access to Exclusive Shops
  • Exclusive quest rewards.

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