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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Bounties

To take on bounties, you must have the Bounty Hunter side job.

NPC Bounties: Can be found here
  • NPC Bounties will give Extra Zeni Bonuses (To be determined Tier of Bounty)
  • NPC Bounty Battles will give 1/2 Stat Gains. No absorption, no Kill Steals
  • NPC Characters get 48 hours to post while PC's will still be on the 24 Hour Rule
  • Bounty Battles can't be jumped
  • NPC Battles are almost always to the death. You win they die, They win you die! (Some Targets will be Dead or Alive and Might not Kill you either)
  • You will need a License to kill in order to Take on a Bounty Battle
  • Certain targets will be able to be attacked by multiple Hunters

NPC Characters:
  • 4 Tiers of NPC Targets will exist. Tier 1: 300,000 PL and below. Tier 2: 300,001 to 600,000 PL. Tier 3: 600,001 to 1,100,000 PL. Tier 4: 1,100,001 to 2,200,000 and Tier 5: 2,200,001 and above
  • You can only Cash in on a Target if you are that Tier of PL yourself or below that tier.
  • Race will be determined randomly, but characters will have racial techs when applicable
  • Techniques, Transformations, Gear, Character Level, Prepped Items, Traits, Passives and Allies will be determined based on the Tier of the NPC being hunted
  • Zeni Reward for Target
  • Tier 1: 1,000 zeni
  • Tier 2: 2,500 zeni
  • Tier 3: 5,000 zeni
  • Tier 4: 10,000 zeni
  • Tier 5: 25,000 zeni
  • Different Unique Items can be won or unique skills with each bounty victory you earn.

Player Character Bounty:
  • You can place a bounty on another character, but you must have a proven IC reason to do so. This includes Battle, Roleplays or Spars, but a desire must be from a hatred formed in game. This reason must be Approved by a Monitor or Mod. NO META-GAMING Hate!
  • In order to place a bounty on a PC you must pay the Bounty Hunter's with your reward + 20% listing fee. Example: 1,000 zeni reward costs 1,200 zeni to post.
  • Any Player that has a bounty on their head can counter it by paying the Hunters the reward + 10% to cancel. Example 1,000 zeni reward costs 1,100 zeni to remove.
  • Another Player can remove a bounty on a different character by paying the Hunters the reward + 30% to cancel. Example 1,000 zeni reward costs 1,300 to remove this way.
  • If you cash in on a Bounty you receive the Reward Price + Regular Battle Gains.
  • In PC Bounty Fights they are duels, but the target is allowed 1 PC to join them in the battle.

Player Hunting:
  • If a bounty is placed on a character it allows them to be snuck by someone trying to cash it in, but it isn't done in traditional sneak ways.
  • You must be on the same planet and Search for the target. Similar to searching for rare items, You may not build or inscribe items, read books, master train, or have a job while searching for the target.
  • You must declare searching for target in your update.
  • It takes 2 Weeks to find a target normally. (0/2) (1/2) (2/2) You can Sneak on 2/2. If the target leaves in this time you have to move to the next planet and start the process again.
  • If you are searching for a PC Target you must post in the Bounty Board that you are doing it. You also should send the PC that is the target a message on AIM similar to a sneak.
  • You cannot steal from a Bounty Target no matter your alignment. These are to the death. If the target wins though they can kill steal or spare you.
  • PC Bounty System doesn't allow you to get around same Alliance Battle Rules or Sneaks regarding Alignment.

Organization Bounties:
If you leave an organization, said organization will place a bounty on your head based on the rank you were (lowest is 1 up to 5). It can only be cashed in by someone in that organization, but doesn't require a searching week first. If you are defeated all Organizational Perks you had when you left are lost and returned to the Organization. Ex: A Captain of the Shadowguard leaves the organization (Tier 5) a Tier 5 Bounty is placed on that players head, but only Shadowguard members can cash in on that bounty. The player that left keeps all Organization Quested Perks until the bounty is cashed in if they decide they want to keep them; otherwise no bounty is placed.


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