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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Jobs

A job is a weekly activity that your character do can anytime in the RPG (except when otherwise noted) to provide additional weekly bonuses and it does not interfere with any of your other activities. You can change your job once per week. Level 1 jobs upgrade to level 2 after 3 consecutive weeks of work. Level 2 then upgrade to level 3 after additional 3 weeks of work. You do not have to level up if you don't want to. Please note that when you first take your job the weeks start at 0/3 not 1/3.

Level 1 Jobs

Job Set 1: Running Errands
Reward: +7 speed, +300 zeni
Upgrades To: Route Runner

Job Set 2: Teacher
Reward: +5 strength, +300 zeni
Upgrades To: Sensei

Job Set 3: Criminal
Reward: +500 zeni
Upgrades To: Crime Boss

Job Set 4: Body Guard
Reward: +5 toughness, +300 zeni
Upgrades To: Protector

Job Set 5: Laborer
Reward: +5 vitality, +300 zeni
Upgrades To: Projects Manager

Job Set 6: Mercenary
Reward: +5 stamina, +300 zeni
Upgrades To: Soldier

Level 2 Jobs

Job Set 1: Route Runner
Reward: +12 speed, +350 zeni
Upgrades From: Running Errands
Further Upgrades To: Delivery Manager

Job Set 2: Sensei
Reward: +10 strength, +350 zeni
Upgrades From: Teacher
Further Upgrades To: Master

Job Set 3: Crime Boss
Reward: +600 zeni
Upgrades From: Criminal
Further Upgrades To: Crime Lord

Job Set 4: Protector
Reward: +10 toughness, +350 zeni
Upgrades From: Body Guard
Further Upgrades To: Security Chief

Job Set 5: Projects Manager
Reward: +10 vitality, +350 zeni
Upgrades From: Laborer
Upgrades To: World Planner

Job Set 6: Soldier
Reward: +10 stamina, +350 zeni
Upgrades From: Mercenary
Upgrades To: Military Officer

Level 3 Jobs

Job Set 1: Delivery Manager
Reward: +15 speed, +400 zeni, after one week receive free Corvette-Class Speeder (as long as you retain Route Runner job or higher).
Upgrades From: Route Runner

*The Corvette-Class Speeder holds 1 person and a rejuvenation tank, also comes with a Jump Drive installed (must be charged before use). It cannot be sold, traded or donated to an alliance.

Job Set 2: Master
Reward: +12 strength, +400 zeni, after one week may disciple one student if of good alignment.
Upgrades From: Sensei

Job Set 3: Crime Lord
Reward: +750 zeni, after one week may hire 1 minion if of evil alignment (remains as long as you retain Crime Boss job or higher)
Upgrades From: Crime Boss

Job Set 4: Security Chief
Reward: +12 toughness, +400 zeni, after two weeks adds +10 vitality as well
Upgrades From: Protector

Job Set 5: World Planner
Reward: +12 vitality, +400 zeni, after two weeks reduces build time on items by 1 week
Upgrades From: Projects Manager

Job Set 6: Military Officer
Reward: +12 stamina, +400 zeni, after two weeks you may take a Battery into battle without using a usable item slot as long as you retain Military Officer job level.
Upgrades From: Soldier

Side Jobs

Description: You are commanded by a Crime Lord and must follow his orders. Reward: +10% rp bonuses for RPing with their Crime Lord, may receive up to 250 zeni from their boss per week in pay. May be taken in addition to any levels 1-3 job, but not other side jobs or the Crime Lord job. Must be a Minion for 1 week before you can get bonuses.

Bounty Hunter
Reward: Varies
Allows you to take bounties. May be taken in addition to any levels 1-3 job, but not other side jobs.


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