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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // How to Perform Updating


Alex's DBZ RPG 5 has moved to a self-updating system using wiki technology. This means that each member is responsible for updating themselves. To do this, you must follow the instructions outlined on this page.

First, you need to post what you will be updating on the appropriate update board for your column. To determine what column you are in, go to the roster page and you will see the members broken down into four columns. You must include all of your proposed changes in this post. To view an example of what your post must look like, click here. You must follow the format of the things included in the example when you are posting and your post must include all of the categories such as total gainages after update.

This update then needs to be approved by a staff member from your column. This is done by them replying to your post simply saying it is approved for updating. If you failed to follow the correct format for your post, the update will not be approved. If you calculate math incorrectly or do anything else incorrectly, it will not be approved (staff will tell you what is wrong).

Once your update is approved, then you may make the changes on your wiki character profile by navigating to the page and clicking the "easyedit" button. The editor is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) so there is no code or HTML you have to worry about, simply change the numbers and add or delete things as you need to. If you still manage to mess up the page, you can have a staff member revert your changes. After making your changes click the "Save" button at the top of the page. You will be prompted to enter an edit note. You are required to fill out the edit note. You must put "Approved by (Staff Member Name Here)" as your edit note or else the update may be reverted. If you make any changes without first seeking approval or make any changes that are different from the update you got approved, these changes will not only be reverted but you will be immediately and permanently banned! There is no excuse for making any changes without obtaining approval.

You are allowed one post on the updates board per week. Since you may perform your update any day of the week you see fit, if you need to make any additional changes after you have already made updates, you must post these additional changes as a reply to your original thread. If you make another thread, it will not be approved. A new week begins on Monday so starting on Monday you may begin another weekly cycle and start a new thread. Your old threads will also be locked to signify that you are allowed to post a new one.

You may not post missed updates the next week. If you post an update and it has not been approved before that week is over, you may still get that update approved and update it by the end of the next week. An example of this is that you post your update on Sunday and a monitor simply does not get a chance to look it over. If a monitor disapproved your update, this rule will not apply. Also, if you have had an update approved but did not make the changes on the wiki during the week, you may still make the changes by the end of the next week. In your edit note you must include the date which it was approved. If you do not include this, it will be reverted. Once the week grace period has gone by you may no longer get the update approved nor may you make any changes on the wiki even if it was approved. That update will have been missed.

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