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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Token Items


Please note the items on this page are purchased using tokens, not zeni. To learn how to earn tokens, please read about Personal Sagas. on the how to play page. Unless otherwise stated, usable items are consumed on use.

Mr Popo's Energy Drink
Usable Item. Gives you energy to work hard when you drink it. All job rewards are doubled for the next 2 weeks. Does not work for Crime Lord. Limit to use of 3.
Stasis Pod
Allows you to pause progress on an item you are building, even while travelling or in the Next Dimension, instead of starting over. Limit to own 1 per build slot you possess. Once activated three items, the Pod will break, requiring replacement.
Superior Gem of Telepathy
Must have completed 10 Gem Spars in order to purchase. This item functions as a Gem of Telepathy, except it never runs out of charges, and additionally, adds +1 DP to your gains every 10th spar. Limit to own of 1.
Namekian Blues
Usable Item. Used when training with a master to gain an additional +4 SP for the next 2 weeks. Limit to use of 5.
Saiyan Victory Steak
Usable Item. Eat to increase your fighting style by +2 levels instead of only 1 the next 2 times you would level it up. Increases Yajirobe's fighting style by 3 levels instead. Limit to use of 5.
Phoenix Down
Usable Item. Revives a dead ally in battle, heals 15% damage and 30% ki. Limit to 1 in inventory. Use during the battle. Can't use on self.
Superiority Upgrade
(Androids Only) Usable Item. +300 all stats. Limit to use of 5.
Capsule Corp Mega Elixir
Usable Item. +200 all stats. Limit to use of 5.
Capsule Corp Soda
Usable Item. A refreshing beverage best had after a battle. Increases exp gained by +100, and stats gained by +100 all. If you win the battle it increases DP gained by +5. Limit to use 5.
Once per battle, you may spend an action to scan your opponent for weaknesses and increase all damage dealt by 5% for the rest of battle. It also allows you to scan yourself and allies once per battle (per person), to see bodily damage, and increases healing done from you (with techniques and items) by +25% effectiveness (not base percent). Can only be used with Mark II Scouter.
Martial Arts Database
Your scouter is filled with data from thousands of styles of martial arts. It gives you +1 counter in battle and also allows you to negate 1 of your opponent's harmful fighting style special abilities; once per battle. Can only be used with Mark II Scouter.
Combat Simulator
Allows you to practice and review combat situations and amplifies training by +5 all stats. Can only be used with Mark II Scouter.
Faerie Dust
Usable Item. Allows you to use the ability teleport once.
Usable Item. Removes any critical or stun effect affecting you except death. Does not take an action to use. Cannot be used by androids. Limit to carry 1.
Shattering Rune
A level 3 rune that may be inscribed onto weapons or gloves instead of your other level 3 rune. Once per battle allows you to break through an enemy's barrier or body shield using a physical attack. All inscription rules apply (takes 1 week, requires level 3 slot).
Damaskian Power Cell
An upgraded power source that can be attached to any energy weapon to increase its damage output by an additional +1 DR and also makes them hybrid attacks so they are harder to stop. Increases the number of shots it can fire before running out by +2. Once the power cell depletes, it cannot be recharged. You'll need to replace it.
Keliouxian Tome Collection
A collection of various old Keliouxian tomes. Takes one week to read. Reading these will give +15 to all traits or +50 to all stats. May be read ten times. May be re-read upon reaching 2,000 int. Limit to buy and use 1.
Usable Item. You create a clone of you that has 1/2 your stats. Can be used to do partner training with yourself for 4 weeks or can be used in battle. Receives 2 actions per post in battle and lasts for the remainder of battle (or until killed). Once used, disappears. Limit to carry 1.
Capsule Corp Vibration Cell
May be added to any weapon and increases damage done with the weapon by +5%. If added to Capsule Corp. Sword, it also powers it up to a Lv.3 blade and increases strength by +300 in battle.
Roleplayer's Boost
Usable Item. When used in the same update as claiming RP bonuses for a quest or personal saga, will double the stat gain of one quest or one personal saga being claimed. Limit to use 3.
Combat Decorations
You may pin these on armor only. Increases the effect your charisma has on your allies by +750 all stats and an additional +500 all for every battle you've won. Limit to own 1. These bonus gains ignore the normal cap, but cannot go higher than 25% of your ally's base power level.
Eluccia Crystals
Usable Item. Feed to two elite saibamen to create an Evolved Saibaman. The two saibamen fuse together (stats added together) and all techniques are also added together as well. They come equipped with the item Razor Sharp Claws. Can aide its master in battle or can be used for partner training and will gain stats for it. Evolved Saibamen will gain stats with each battle they participate in. They can look for Dragonballs or rare items.
Saiyan's Blood
Usable Item. Literally blood from a Saiyan warrior. Injecting this into your body will add +5% to any combat-based passive (Graceful, Steeled Mind, Perseverance, Die Hard, Street Fighter). Can use one per aforementioned passive. Unfortunately, won't get you into the Saiyan Army though.
Spar Master 5000
When partner training it allows you to spar +1 time per week (must be with partner.)
Bank Card
Allows you to deposit up to 500 zeni (must have it) into your alliance bank per week.
Elite Saibaman Seed
The Elite Saiba starts with bukujutsu and seven other fundamentals (picked by you - cannot be moonshine blast or Nova Inferno) as well as the abilities Acid Blast and Self Destruct. Has 1/2 of the stats of its master upon being planted. Can aide its master in battle or can be used for partner training and will gain stats for it. Elite Saibamen will gain stats with each battle they participate in. They can look for Dragonballs but not rare items.
Magic Removal Spray
Usable Item. Spraying this on one of your items allows you to remove any (or all) attachments from it.
Talented Apprentice
Used on any Officer, allowing them to partner train with you for 4 weeks and spend the required SP in order to learn Ki Mastery 3. Must know Ki Mastery 2 before using.
Soul Binding
Usable Item. Allows you to permanently bind one normal or quest item to you so that it cannot be stolen. Limit to use 2.
Dark Matter
Usable Item. Must be Chaotic Evil to use. When used it allows you to perform the technique Genocide Attack at half the ki cost (damage remains the same). Can be used once per battle. Once used twice, disappears.
Hell's Pass
Usable Item. Allows you to come back from the dead after 1 week. Limit to use of 1 during RPG.
Dragon Mirror
Usable Item. Allows you to find 4 Dragonballs in 1 week. Limit to use of 1.
Capsule Corp Fridge
Comes with 3 Capsule Corp Sodas and 3 Capsule Corp Mega Elixirs.
Eager Recruit
Used on any Underling, Officer, or Student, granting them the ability to Master Train or Partner train with any Player Master. Additionally, they are able to learn 3 additional fundamentals, 1 advanced, and 1 Power Up from Masters or their owner. Limit to use 1 per henchman/sidekick.
Superior Sensor Module
Added to a Mark II Scouter. Allows you to declare two primary targets in battle (allowing you to switch between them at no action cost).
Ultimate Training Regimen
Usable Item. Upon use, increases one of your fighting styles by +10 levels. Limit to use of 1.
Adventurer's Log
Usable Item.Allows the user to take a quest with multiple rewards one additional time. You cannot choose the same reward you picked the first time. Limit to use 2.
Energy Siphon
Usable Item. Allows usage of the ability Siphon. Limit to use once per unique victim. (See admin rulings.)
Capsule Corp Power Level Suit
Usable Item. A thin suit that adheres to your skin. Once "used" it will permanently increase your power level by +25% (doesn't increase speed). Limit to use 1.

Capsule Corp Jacket
Equipped on body. Add +1,300 toughness in battle. Amplifies training by +40 vitality. If equipped with capsule corp sword, amplifies training by +50 vitality instead. Will upgrade Capsule Corp Vest, requires Capsule Corp. Vest to buy.
Capsule Corp Scientist's Belt
Equipped as an accessory. Increases wearers intelligence by +50 and +2 per week. Can be equipped on top of another accessory. Limit to 1. Will upgrade Intelligence Belt, must have intelligence belt to buy.
Capsule Corp Gloves
Equipped on arms. Upgrades from Leather Gloves. Increases physical damage dealt by +5% and raises toughness in battle by +3%.
Capsule Corp Boots
Equipped on legs. Upgrades from Steel Toed Boots. Amplifies training by +6 Vitality, +6 Strength, and +6 Speed. If worn with the Capsule Corp Gloves, double these benefits.
Capsule Corp Armor w/o Shoulders
Equipped on body. Increases toughness in battle by +500 + 15% of your current toughness (does not increase ki or pl). Decreases damage dealt to you in battle 12%. Will upgrade Saiyan Armor w/o Shoulders. Requires Saiyan Armor w/o Shoulders to buy.
Ultra Weighted Clothing
Equipped on the body. Amplifies training by +40 stamina and +40 strength. Will upgrade Super Weighted Clothing. Requires Super Weighted Clothing to buy.
Mithril Lining
Add to any non-armor equipment worn on the body. Increases toughness by +2% in battle (doesn't increase PL). Limit to add 1 per item.
Double Weaved Mithril
Increase the effectiveness of your Mithril lining by double weaving it. Must have Mithril Lining to purchase. Adds an additional +2% in battle. Limit to add 1 per item.
Capsule Corp Utility Bracers
Equipped on arms. Upgrades from Bracers. Adds +500 Toughness in battle and amplifies training by +10 Toughness. If equipped with Capsule Corp Gloves, amplifies training by +20 Toughness instead and increases the number of times you can use one Advanced Technique by +1 (chosen at time of purchase and cannot be changed).
Under Armor Branded
Works like an Interlock except it can’t be inscribed. Allows you to equip any body item under your armor except another armor or an item that reduces damage. (Max 2 in Slot)
Scouter Interlock
Allows you to interlock any model scouter with any non-scouter head item
Recovery Node Lv. 1
(Androids Only) Equipped as an accessory. When activated (does not cost an action), will prevent a successful critical effect or stun effect against you in battle. After 5 posts made by the user, it will reactivate and protect against the next successful critical/stun effect.
Recovery Node Lv. 2
(Androids Only) Equipped as an accessory. Reduces the cooldown of Recovery Node's main effect to 4 posts made by the user. Also, once per battle it can be used to heal 10% damage and 20% ki. Upgrade from Recovery Node Lv.1. Requires Lv. 1 to buy.
Mark II Scouter
Equipped on head. Allows you +1 actions on your first post in a battle (action limit cap still applies). Decreases additional actions from sneak attacks against you from +1 to +0. Increases intelligence by +20. Is not effected by Ki Disrupter. Can install Bio-Scanner, Martial Arts Database, and Combat Simulator.
Reflect Ring
Equipped as an accessory. Can be forged into a ring that will amplify training to any stat by +10. You chose which stat upon buying. The reflect ring has a special property, twice per battle it can reflect a weak ki attack (costing 10% ki or under) back at an opponent. Limit to carry 1. Cannot be used against finishers.
Guru's Healing Staff
Level 4 staff. Must be "Lawful Good" alignment to use. Equipped as an accessory. It allows you to draw energy from the life forms of the planet in battle. Reduces ki cost of all advanced and finisher techniques by 4%. Increases the effectiveness of your heals by +50% (that's 50% of its effectiveness, not just adding a percent). Your heals will also regenerate any lost limbs. Changing the Critical Effect Regen
to an Advanced Crit Rate to your heals.

(Capsule Corp Set Bonus) Requires Capsule Corp Boots, Capsule Corp Jacket OR Armor, Capsule Corp Scientist Belt, Capsule Corp Sword OR Gloves. +2% Vitality and Stamina in Battle, If 6 or More Capsule Corp Equipment items are equipped, increases to +3% Vitality and +3% Stamina in Battle instead. +1 Prepared Item Slot in Battle and +1 Prepared Weapon Tech in Battle.


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