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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Roleplay Tournament 2



This is the second Alex's DBZ RPG 5 Roleplay Tournament. This page will be periodically updated with new details and information so please be sure to check back frequently.

The Prizes
Round Winner's: +15 all stats (+60ki, +120pl), +1 SP, +X RP Credits where X is the number of posts you have in a round.
Round Loser's: +10 all stats (+40ki, +80pl), +X RP Credits where X is the number of posts you have in a round.

Final Round Winner: +40 (+160 ki, +320 pl), +50 RP Credits + World's Strongest Fighter Trophy
Final Round Loser: +20 all stats (+80 ki, +160 pl), +20 RP Credits + 2nd Place Tournament Trophy and a DVD Prize(Dead Zone/World's Strongest Remastered)

Registration is open until August 20th, 2008. The tournament will begin on August 21st.

The tournament will take place solely over the ADBZRPG forums. Chat or AIM battles are not allowed.

Method of Fighting
Fighting will be done through the conventional fighting method.

Determining a Winner
Each battle will be reviewed afterwards by staff to determine the winner based on their Role-Play abilities and creativity. Winners will wait for the next round after all of the first round battles are finished.

Who can Register
First off, you need to be an official member of Alex's DBZ RPG 5 to register for the tournament. That means you need to have a character that is listed on the roster page. Secondly, anyone on the site can join the Tournament. If dead and in the Next Dimension/Hell you will receive a special Time Pass to leave your current out-world location and enter the Tournament. Once a member has signed up he/she cannot forfeit and MUST fight.

  1. Anyone with the Time Pass will need to state it in every round that they battle in. If anyone with a Time Pass loses you will go back to ND/Hell.
  2. The Tournament will be based on RP skill rather than Power Level. Race and stat advantages are void in this Tournament.
  3. If a participant is stunned by a Counter Attack (Determined by Ref) their opponent recieves +1 action.
  4. You may only use techniques that your character knows.
  5. Every participant will have the ability to Counter Attack the other only ONCE, the Final Round participants will be able to Counter Twice.
  6. Any and All participants will be limited to 3 Fundamental Techniques and Speed Teleport x2, their first two rounds.
  7. Any and All Participants will be able to choose 1 Advanced Technique and Speed Teleport x3 in conjunction with their Fundamentals, when they have reached the third round.
  8. The last remaining participants will be able to use their Finisher Technique and Speed Teleport x4, along with 2 Advanced and 6 Fundamental Techniques.
  9. Power Ups/Tranformations/Specaile Attacks or Abilities/Weapons are PROHIBITED, with the exception of Speed Teleport and Counter Attack. **Androids Hikou will be counted as a Fundamental to level the playing field for the participants who have Bukujutsu**
  10. Participants will have the ability to re-choose Fundamental and Advanced Techniques before their next battle. Participants will not state their chosen Techniques in the battle post, PM your Ref with your choices for every round.
  11. Each round will consist of 4 one on one battles that will be refereed. (Referee’s will be able to Participate in the Tournament). The Participant with the higher Speed will go first.
  12. Round 1 battles will be required to have 10 posts. Round 2 Battles will be required to have 14 posts. Round 3 Battles will be required to have 18 posts. Final Round Battle will consist of atleast 20 posts with a 24 post maximum.
  13. Every participant will be assigned a number from 1-4. Participants who have been deemed with the number 1 will battle their opponent, numbered 3. Participants that are deemed with the number 2 will battle their opponent, numbered 4.
  14. No God-moding or auto-hitting.
How to Register
If you would like to register for the tournament please click here and reply to that thread.

Round 1

Tao Pai Pai (Starts) vs. Goku Jr
Ref: Dabura
Location: Snowy Plains

Kui (Starts) vs. Yamu
Ref: Videl
Location: Mountains

Garlic Jr. (Starts) vs. Android 14
Ref: Android 13
Location: Snowy Plains

Chisan vs. Gohan (Starts)
Ref: Kui
Location: Forest

Gokua (Starts) vs. Future Gohan
Ref: Dabura
Location: Mountains

Dabura (Starts) vs. Saikuro Stratus
Ref: Videl
Location: Meadow

Zarbon (Starts) vs. Android 16
Ref: Android 13
Location: Gorge

Broli (Starts) vs. Pan
Ref: Kui
Location: Desert

Frieza (Starts) vs. Android 18
Ref: Dabura
Location: Volcano

Goku (Starts) vs. Spopovich
Ref: Videl
Location: Abandoned City

Minosha (Starts) vs. Ginyu
Ref: Android 13
Location: Mountains

Raditz vs. Piccolo (Starts)
Ref: Kui
Location: Forest

Valese vs. Android 17 (Starts)
Ref: Dabura
Location: Snowy Plains

Bojack vs. Tasuda (Starts)
Ref: Videl
Location: Abandoned City


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