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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Quest Information


Basic Information
All posts in quests must be at least 300 words. You can roleplay in other threads and quests while battling. You may complete one quest per day and up to two total per week (unless you have 500 int). You may still train and spar while on a quest. As well as earning the spoils specified by the quest, you will also earn roleplay bonuses for your roleplays and exp based on the difficulty. Be sure to write "Quest" in the topic description and the quest information/rewards in the first post of the quest.

Taking A Quest
Taking a quest found on the Quests board is a great way to gain zeni and increase your level. To embark on a quest you must first reply to that quests thread stating you (and whoever you want else to participate) would like to take on the quest. You may then begin roleplaying it on the proper roleplay board under the title of the quest with Quest in the desciption. No need for staff approval.

Quests come in five difficulties:
Easy - 1,800 words to complete
Medium - 3,700 words needed to complete
Hard - 5,250 words needed to complete
Very Hard - 7,500 words needed to complete
Epic - 9,000 words needed to complete

Difficulty Completion Bonuses: (received in addition to stated gains)
Easy: +35 all stats, +20 exp
Medium: +60 all stats, +45 exp
Hard: +125 all stats, +65 exp
Very Hard: +200 all stats, +100 exp
Epic: +300 all stats, +200 exp

You must start by taking on an easy quest. After you complete 1 easy quest, you can then move on to medium ones. To unlock hard quests you need to complete a minimum of 3 easy quests and 1 medium, or 2 medium quests and 1 easy.

To move up to very hard quests, you need to complete at least 3 easy quests, at least 2 medium quests, and at least 2 hard quests.

To access the new epic quests, you need to complete at least 1 very hard quest.

Multiple Participants
Multiple Participants You do not have to embark on quests alone, you can have others help you. For each unique member beyond the second in the thread with you, each participant receives +10% stats in the total completion bonus (max +20% - does not increase zeni or RPC). However, for each unique member beyond the second in the thread with you the total word count increases by an additional 500 words. Each participant must have at least 33% of the base word count written or 900 words (whichever comes last) in the quest for them to be eligible for the quest completion rewards. So two people taking on a medium quest means you need 3,700 words total and each person needs to write at least 1,221 to get gains. Three people taking it however would need a total of 4,200 words. The minimum 33% requirement does not go up, but the total must reach the required word count to be complete. The maximum number of participants in an easy quest is limited to two, but for any other difficulty you can have as many as you would like. If someone fails to reach their minimum word count necessary to get completion bonuses by the time the thread ends, they will only receive Personal Roleplay-equivalent bonuses based on their word counts.

Dragonball Quests
You have to be approved to take on Dragonball quests and these kinds of quests will not count toward your weekly quest limit. To obtain any Dragonball, you will need to do that Dragonball's quest (unless someone already has it). It first takes 1 week of searching to locate the Dragonball. After you have spent a week searching, you may then embark on the quest. After completing it, you will be awarded the Dragonball in your RP Bonuses which means it might take 2 weeks to actually obtain each ball.


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