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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Back 2 School Writing Tournament


Sonny Strait

Welcome to our Back 2 School Writing Tournament. This tournament is going to be a little different than others we have held as it doesn't involve your characters on the RPG at all. More details about how to participate will be explained below.

The Prizes
First Place: Whoever wins the tournament will receive +250 all stats, +500 zeni, and a foil copy of the Dragon Ball Z card "Black Side Kick" autographed by voice actor Sonny Strait (pictured above). Sonny did the voices of Krillin and Bardock in DBZ as well as many other anime characters. A list of his work can be seen here. A perfect addition to the collection of any Dragon Ball Z fan!

Second Place: +250 all stats, +500 zeni

Third Place: +100 all stats, +250 zeni

Every submission: Every submission you make will earn you 1 RP credit per 300 words, +5 all stats per 500 words, and +10 exp per 1,000 words. This ensures that everybody who participates will get something and if you make it to later rounds you can wrack up more bonuses as your total word count carries over.

Registration begins on August 20th and will close when all 16 slots of the tournament are filled. Round 1 pairings and the round topic will then be announced.

The tournament will take place solely over the ADBZRPG forums.

Method of Fighting
This contest going to be a lot different than past tournaments because it has nothing to do with your RPG character. Instead, you will "battle" whoever you are against that round by writing a brief short story based on a unique topic that is announced for each round. The short story you write should not be very long, around 1,200ish words, and should not involve your RPG character. There is a strict maximum of 1,500 words and anything over that will earn you a disqualification. The bare minimum is 1,000 words. After you and your opponent post your short stories, judges will compare them and the best will move on to the next round. A unique scenario will be given to participants to write about each round with topics ranging from medieval to science-fiction to being set in the modern day. You will have to be a truly well-rounded writer to win this one.

Determining a Winner
Stories from each round will be reviewed by staff to determine the winner and judged based on three points: spelling & grammar, plot, and flow. Winners will wait for the next round after until all of that round's "battles" are finished.

Who can Register
First off, you need to be an official member of Alex's DBZ RPG 5 to register for the tournament. That means you need to have a character that is listed on the roster page. Secondly, you need to be a register of the United States or Canada to join (for prize purposes). You also need to be willing to give me your shipping address in the event of winning so make sure that is okay with your parents if need be. Rest assured this address will not be shared or kept.

How to Register
Register by replying to this thread.

Top Three
1. Tehran'he
2. Goku Jr (Tie)
2. Oboe (Tie)

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