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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Majin Rules


Majin Vegeta

When you Majin another player, the benefit to them is quite obvious. They get +500, +15% all stats. But what do you get?

  • You may choose which planet the Majin'd player travels to.
  • You may force the Majin'd player to battle. This includes sneaking other players, accepting challenges from other players, or jumping into a current battle.
  • You may siphon up to 50% of the zeni earned from their job.
  • You may take up to 100% of the zeni earned from a battle they have won.
There are a few notable exceptions to the rules above.
  • If the player wants to fight you so that they can lose their Majin, you cannot force them to travel to another planet to avoid it.
  • You also cannot make a Majin'd player fight someone in their alliance.
If a player whom you have Majin'd wants to lose their Majin, they have to battle you. Simply defeating you is not enough. They must kill you for the Majin effect to wear off. Alternatively, if you are killed by anybody else, they will also lose the Majin.


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